Ardmonagh Family and Community Group


Care Service - Children

We have the added value of our day care services which gives us the unique opportunity to look after children with complex medical needs within our setting and integrate all able bodied and disabled children together whilst ensuring they have their own one to one support worker with them at all times.  

We also provide care and respite in the family home which enables children to have quality care within the comforts of their own home, providing support to families at difficult times. Staff receive child specific training which is delivered by Community Childrens Nursing within the Belfast Trust. By providing parents with fully competent staff in areas such as suctioning, Trache care, Tube feeding and Oxygen management, it ensures that the service which we deliver is invaluable to both the children and their parents/ Carers.

  • We provide care and support to children with a range of needs and disabilities.
  • Staff are fully trained by Children’s Community Nursing for tasks such as tube feeding, suction, Tracheostomy support, oxygen management and epilepsy awareness.
  • We offer respite service at homes to parents with a disabled child enabling them to spend time with other children.
  • We accompany children to school and provide 1-1 support at school if needed.
  • We have a fully functional shower room at Ardmonagh enabling children to avail of a shower if appropriate facilities are not available at home.

We offer childcare 'one to one' support in the setting of Ardmonagh including Afterschool's provision.