Ardmonagh Family and Community Group



Compliance and Charter Mark

All services within Ardmonagh Family and Community Group are compliant within a number of key areas for example, Food Safety Standards and Access NI. 

The Contact and Care Team are also NISCC Registered they provide guidance on standards of conduct and practice for social care workers and for the employers. The RQIA regulate the Care Team to ensure that all relevant practices are in place.  

Little Monsters Childcare and After Schools Club are inspected yearly by the Early Years Team (Social Services). They ensure that minimum standards are in place and that the setting is compliant with these.

Ardmonagh Family and Community Group were successful in achieving the ISO 9001 Charter Mark Accreditation in July 2018. This accreditation will enable us as an organisation to streamline our processes, reduce errors, free up valuable management time and improve internal communications. It also has the added benefit of increasing employee morale, improve client retention and healthier revenues. In short, by adopting the ISO 9001 it will enable us as an organisation to continue delivering high quality services to our service users.

RQIA Inspection Report

You can view our April 2018 inspection report here

Little Monsters Social Services Inspection report

Our 2018 Child Care Social services inspection report can be found here.