Ardmonagh Family and Community Group


FAQ Family Contact

Ardmonagh contact service provides supervised, monitored and unsupervised visits for
children living separately from their parent(s), siblings or other significant family members
due to a number of different circumstances. Ardmonagh hope to create a warm and
welcoming environment in order to make you and your children content whilst visiting one

Is this a secure environment?

Ardmonagh contact centre is a very secure environment. Each of our contact rooms are
fitted with CCTV cameras along with audio.

What is a supervised contact?

Contact between children and their non-resident family members that is facilitated by a
staff member within a centre or community setting. The staff member will be present at all
times, recording and reporting everything that goes on within the contact session. All
information documented will be factual.

Where is the centre based?

Ardmonagh contact service is based within the Ardmonagh Family and community Group,
61-63 Ardmonagh gardens. We have recently established a second base which is located at
the Twin spires complex, Howard building. This unit is in a neutral area which offers a
service to families from different communities.

Will here be a member of staff observing me at all times?

Depending on the type of contact that is requested. If your contact is supervised, a member
of the team will accompany the child throughout the entire session. However, if a
monitored contact is requested, the staff member will observe your session during intervals,
this usually takes place every 15 minutes and the staff member will stay for around one

What will be recorded?

All factual information will be recorded from you and your child enter the building, until you
leave. Staff are not permitted to use personal opinions when creating a contact record.

Who will the records be exposed to?

If there is social service involvement in your case, the family social worker will receive a
written report after each contact session, you will be able to request these also through
your solicitor. If your case is private and you are a paying customer, your contact records
will be sent to your solicitor with your permission.

What qualifications will the staff have?

All staff within Ardmonagh contact service are trained to at least NVQ level 3 in health and
social care. We have 5 staff currently completing a HND level 5 in Health and Social Care as
well as 2 staff members qualified with a level 5 in Leadership and management. A variety of
our staff have also completed Degrees in Health & Social Care, Early years, Psychology.

Will my child ever be left alone with the other parent?

Depending on the level of contact requested, your child could be left alone with their
parent, this would be a monitored/unsupervised session. However, this will always be
discussed with all parties in advance and you will be informed beforehand if this was to

Will I ever meet my ex-partner at the centre?

If contact staff transport your children to and from contact, there would be no contact
between yourself and your ex-partner. If you provide transport, there is a possibility of
coming into contact with them. If there is an order in place to say this shouldn’t take place,
Ardmonagh contact staff will support this and work with families in order to prevent contact
between parents.