Ardmonagh Family and Community Group


Testimonials - Family Contact

Stakeholder Feedback – Family Contact

• “Ardmonagh are providing a high level of support and supervision to families in need. I am happy with the service provided”.
• “Contact rooms are appropriate. Howard building has allowed more options for older children”.
• “The facilities promote family relationships and are specific to the needs of each family unit”.
• “Facilities are nurturing and family friendly – they are suitable in relation to the size and needs of the family. There are a range of activities the children can participate in – to include indoor and outdoor activities. There is furniture that is comfortable for relaxing and also suitable for engaging in activities such as arts and crafts”.
• “Ardmonagh staff endeavour to be flexible in regards to the needs of the family and will look at sourcing additional supports if required. The transport they are able to provide for the children to attend contact is extremely beneficial. The service Ardmonagh provides greatly helps reduce the workload of field social workers and their assistance is invaluable”.
• “Staff are always helpful and informative and extremely flexible to support social services and the families we work with”.
• “100% we could not do our job without the support of this service”.
• “The Contact Workers do a great job, and always communicate well with the Social Worker in relation to any queries or concerns”.
• “Facilities are extremely secure with controlled locks and CCTV available”.
• “The Contact staff I have worked with have always been very helpful and willing to put families first. Contact staff who I have worked with have often went above and beyond what is expected in order to get better outcomes for the children and families we support”.
• “The provision of contact at weekends is very helpful”. 


Service User Feedback – Family Contact 

• “The facilities, the child friendly atmosphere and the flexible operating times and the personal service – All positive”.
• “Ardmonagh has every aspect covered and provides a warm and safe environment for all parties”.
• “I have found my time using Armonagh positive and rewarding. It is great to see how happy my daughter is in her surroundings and so confident with the case worker”.
• “These facilities allow me to see my daughter”.
• “My daughter has learned a lot in this centre”.
• “My children can use the toys provided if they don’t want to use my toys provided”.